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Ride your bike for the first time and let real Troxus customers or experts answer your questions.
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Select your nearest TROXUS Host on below map and get the contact information.
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Email or call to make an appointment for your test ride.
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Find Your Nearest Troxus Authorized Dealer
Professional assembly in a bicycle shop is recommended for the top performance of your Troxus bikes, so as routine bike maintenance.
More Troxus dealers are on the way, come and visit your nearest Troxus dealer!
Q: How much does a new ebike professional assemble cost?
A: Normally it costs $150 for a professional assembly in a bicycle shop. However, the amount may vary based on different dealers. All Troxus dealers are professional bicycle dealers and trained with Troxus products, so it is recommended to take your Troxus bike to a Troxus dealer. Best service, best guarantee to gear you up!
Q: How to make an appointment for a test ride service
A: According to the contact information provided by the test ride online store, make an appointment for the time and model; note that the test ride service is provided to adults over the age of 18.
Q: What does the test ride service include?
A: You can try different models to choose the one that suits you best. The people who receive you are product experts or real Troxus sellers. They will share the most authentic product experience, performance differences of different products, and purchasing suggestions, and there will even be hidden bonus eggs.
Q: Is there any charge for a test ride service?
A: It's completely free. People will provide real, professional product selection advice. But if someone charges you extra, please decline and inform Troxus official service hotline.
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Grow Your Business With Troxus
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