A more rewarding way to RIDE


As an owner of Troxus e-bike, you always get returns while expanding your playground!

What Is

Troxus E-Club?

Welcome to the E-Club! This club is for Troxus e-bike owners to express opinions, post photos/videos, discuss issues, and share related content. Best of all, Troxus owners earn points and enjoy exclusive offers and rewards almost every time you post on social media platforms.

Milestones and Rewards

20% off coupon

on ALL accessories

30% off coupon

on ALL accessories

50% off coupon

on ALL accessories

One FREE accessory

except batteries

How to Earn

Add hashtag #troxus or tag @troxus to your posts/ videos on the following platforms.

Join in E-club

Facebook Troxus Bikes

Facebook group Troxus E-Riders Community

Instagram troxus_official

Youtube Troxus Mobility

TikTok Troxusbikes

Key Point

1\ Troxus E-club is currently only open to residents of 48 contiguous United States.

2\ Points of posting same contents on different social media platforms or to different groups/ communities will be added together.

3\ Participants get maximum three coupons or free accessories each quarter.

4\ Points earned in any quarter will expire at the end of that quarter. Points can be redeemed anytime within the quarter.

5\ Contact mkt@troxusmobility.com to redeem points or ask for help.

How to Join?

1. Become a Troxus e-bike owner

2. Post your e-bike’s pictures/ videos to get likes+comments/ views

3. Add hashtag (#troxus) or tag Troxus official accounts to notify us

4. Contact Troxus official accounts to redeem your points