Class 2 Electric Bike: the SkyHopper and  the Vulcanus

Class 2 Electric Bike: the SkyHopper and the Vulcanus

Looking for a powerful and efficient electric bike to explore the outdoors?

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When it comes to the class 2 electric bikes it is the SkyHopper and the Vulcanus. Class 2 e-bikes or e-MTBs are defined by their features, which include a motor with a maximum power of 750 watts, a combination of Pedal Assist and throttle systems, and a top speed of 20 mph when motor-assisted. These bikes are primarily designed for motorized trails and are generally not allowed on non-motorized trails—more information from IMBA.

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Both models come in sleek black colors, making them stylish yet understated. They also share the same 750W brushless hub motor and 48V 12.8AH Samsung battery, which provides an impressive range of 60+ miles on a single charge. 

It makes them ideal for longer commutes, grocery runs, or leisurely rides around town. The SkyHopper and Vulcanus are similar electric bicycles, such as 5-8 hours of charging time, Tektro mechanical brake lever, and seven gears shifter. High-quality brakes and multiple gear options make them easy to control and maneuver in various terrains.

One of the main differences between SkyHopper and Vulcanus is their tire size. SkyHopper has 20*4 tires, while Vulcanus has larger 26*4 tires. Vulcanus is better suited for off-road riding and can handle rougher terrain than SkyHopper.

Another difference between the two is the suspension travel. SkyHopper has 50mm of travel, while Vulcanus has 80mm. This extra suspension travel on Vulcanus means it can handle even more challenging terrain with greater comfort and stability.


Lastly, the best-fit height for these two electric bikes is also different. SkyHopper is best suited for riders between 5'2"and -6'3", while Vulcanus is better suited for riders between 5'4"and -6'10". These differences in tire size and suspension make the Vulcanus better suited for rougher terrains, such as gravel paths or bumpy roads. Additionally, the Vulcanus has a slightly higher weight capacity than the SkyHopper, making it a better choice for riders on the heavier side.

The SkyHopper electric bike is a budget-friendly option with a punch in its features. The Vulcanus model is an upgraded version of the SkyHopper that offers some additional features and upgrades.

The SkyHopper and Vulcanus models offer excellent value for their price range, making them great options for anyone looking for an affordable Class 2 e-bike. With their powerful motors, long-range batteries, and sturdy frames, they can easily handle most commuting needs, providing a comfortable and efficient daily ride. In addition to their excellent performance, these e-bikes are also environmentally friendly, emitting no carbon emissions and producing very little noise.

In conclusion, if you're in the market for an affordable Class 2 electric bike, you can go right with the SkyHopper or Vulcanus models. These e-bikes offer impressive features and performance at an affordable price, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient mode of transportation.