Expand Your Playground

Our Purpose

We want to inspire people to live a mobile & active life

Our Vision

We want more healthy people, enjoying life with others outdoors

Our Mission

Troxus provides durable, capable, and fun electric bicycles for transport + recreation. At Troxus our brand pillars are:


Our products are reliable, and they last. You can have confidence that Troxus bikes will not let you down.


Our products enable you to do MORE. Expanding your capacity for adventure


Our products enhance your life, helping you to enjoy your week, and your weekend.


Thank you for taking the time to read about Troxus and learn a bit more about our company. We know you have lots of choices when it comes to buying an e-bike and we appreciate you taking the time to learn more about the people and philosophy behind the Troxus product range.

Our US based leadership team averages 30 years in the industry working for many of the best brands in the industry such as Schwinn, GT, Mongoose, Ridley, Masi, Haro, Pure Cycles and others. In short, we know a thing or two about how to build quality products which meet and/or exceed all of the required e-bike standards in the United States.​

Troxus is a union of American brand and product leadership with Asian high quality, and low cost manufacturing. Unlike other brands who buy and resell their products from third parties, we make all of the products we sell in our own factory. We choose or make every nut, bolt, screw and cell on the bicycle presicely mounted and fitted together- ensuring that the end product provides years of trouble-free service. You will feel the difference from the moment you put your foot on the pedals and take that first pedal stroke. The bike will effortlessly and smoothly accelerate, in a stable and controlled way. You will feel at one with the machine, almost a part of it. Just like you did when you first learned to ride.

But don't take our word for it. Check them out at one of our partner retailers or direct them to you from our website. I am sure that you will be happy with your choice to join the Troxus family.

Happy Riding!

Richard Wittenberg

CEO Troxus USA