Adventure EBikes

When you want to break free from the urban jungle- or simply conquer it- you'll find the perfect companion in our Adventure Series of bikes. Whether you want to explore alone or with friends, in or out of the city, on the trails and paths around you, the Adventure Series is ready.

Rugged and Ready

Getting away from it all and escaping into the quiet of nature is easier and more fun with our Adventure series. Powerful motors and long range batteries make hauling your gear into the wilderness a lot more enjoyable. Carry all you need for a weekend adventure, with peace of mind for the return home.

Enjoy The Outside World

If you've been contemplating "getting out there" more often, the Adventure Series wants to take you there. Grab your friends and a few supplies, and truly expand your playground. Ready for adventures, big and small, you'll find a suitable companion- either with plush full suspension or efficient front suspension only.

All-Terrain Adventure

Exploring on different terrains can be intimidating without proper equipment, and the Adventure Series bikes are there for you. With fat tires and powerful motors, you have the footprint and power to make outdoor explorations a lot more fun and exciting.