Mountain EBikes

Getting to the best trails sometimes means riding for hours, leaving you too exhausted to enjoy them, but with our e-MTB Series, you can extend your riding range and explore beyond your usual trails. Designed for fun and adventure, with a balance of performance features. Your playground just got bigger!

Go Beyond Your Usual Fun Zones

Our e-MTB bikes are designed for fun exploration, and the exhilaration of rugged trails. Whether riding with friends on all day epics or on solo excursions to find new trails beyond your usual range, we've got you covered. Powerful motors and long range batteries insure you'll have fun getting there and back.

Find Serenity In Silence

Get to your favorite spots, or find new ones, with comfort and ease- as well as silence- with an e-MTB. The best urban or wild fishing spots can be hard to reach on foot, but suddenly become a lot easier with an e-MTB! Powerful and quiet, enjoy the journey along the way too.

Bring Nature Closer To You

Get to your favorite wildlife destinations quietly and easily, while enjoying the journey there. Whether you're simply bird watching or hunting, get to where nature remains wild. Carry everything you need for a full day of adventure, with a quiet, small footprint getting there.