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We make it easy for you by making great products that consumers want and you can feel good about selling, all while making a good margin. Troxus believes in partnering with our retailers, rather than dictating how you do business or what you stock. Our goal is to help you service our collective customers; Troxus consumers and owners. We're based in Southern California and have over 100 years of collective bike industry experience, which includes years in the retail environment. We have more than just a functional understanding of what your challenges are, and we're here to help you succeed as we work together to grow the brand. Our comprehensive product line gives you an option for every e-Bike consumer who walks through your door, and we have the product support to help you keep them happy with their purchase. Contact us and let us show you all the ways we go beyond the ordinary to deliver the extraordinary.

Brand Promotion Effect

Troxus is constantly working with media and influencers to grow brand awareness, reaching more consumers who are interested in buying e-Bikes, driving them into your stores.

High Profit Margin

We offer incredibly strong margins and favorable terms for our dealers, as well as freight programs to help you maximize your profitability. Our prices don't change every day, so you can relax and sell with confidence.

Marketing Support

Our in-house marketing team has decades of experience in brand storytelling, and is contantly developing items to help you sell better. Whether in-store displays, promotional materials, or digital marketing assets, our team is regularly creating compelling selling tools. We also provide marketing subsidies to help you tell your own story and focus your efforts locally, more effectively.

After-Sales Service Support

We're with you and your consumers for the long haul. Our relationship begins with the sale, rather than ends there. We have in-house SoCal-based support with extensive product knowledge, as well as necessary replacement parts for repairs when things can't be fixed over the phone. Combined with our industry-leading warrranty, you and your customers can both feel confident that Troxus will always be there to support the product.

Why Troxus?

Troxus delivers products with superior engineering and manufacturing, as well as overall product quality, for the most comprehensive range of e-Bikes. Troxus products help your customers "expand their playgrounds" and improve the quality of their lives.

This is more than just lip service - we "put our money where our mouth is." We assure our dealer partners that when you invest in the Troxus brand, you will make a proper return on your investment, by guarantying your margin to maintain MSRP. We'll never undercut you or cut prices so that your margin erodes, unlike other brands that routinely change pricing on their websites.

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