Comfortable tips to keep you moving| Riding Troxus

Comfortable tips to keep you moving| Riding Troxus

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From general bike etiquette and strange local bike laws to safety and anti-theft tips, "Riding" reveals some of the obstacles new riders can face and provides a refresher for seasoned commuters.

With all the time you spend on your e-bike, you naturally want to feel as comfortable as possible. Sometimes that means getting the right bike fit. Other times, it means making sure you have the right saddle to match your riding style.

In keeping with this month's focus on mobility, we wanted to share some comfort tips that will help you get moving throughout the year.

Riding a bicycle, with or without motorized assistance, carries a risk of injury and damage. Wear a helmet, obey local bicycle and traffic laws, and follow safe and responsible riding habits. Do not ride in conditions that exceed your or your bicycle's capabilities. Do not attempt to recreate or recreate any of the stunts performed in this video. If riding at night, please install bright bike lights on the front and rear of your bike for good visibility. We also recommend that you consult a reputable, Troxus-certified bike mechanic to check and adjust your bike regularly, especially before any off-road or wet weather rides.