Discover A New Way to Ride

Discover A New Way to Ride

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For cyclists, staying on the bike may be a no-brainer, but for those who have not yet developed a regular riding hobby, e-bikes may offer a new way to ride. You may not realize it, but e-bikes are experiencing a mini-boom. Some experts predict that by 2023, $130 million worth of electric bikes will be on the road across the United States - far more than the number of electric cars and trucks expected to be on the road by then. It's simple: more bikes mean fewer cars. It's even better for the global environment because, according to one study, 2.5 billion people will live in cities by 2050. If anything, there's nothing more futuristic than getting an electric bike.

What is an electric bike?

A common misconception is that an e-bike is just a scooter or an electric motorcycle. It is not what you think of, although some overlaps are worth checking out. And, in fact, they look pretty different. Imagine a traditional bicycle and then add a few electrical components, such as a motor, battery, and controller. This electronic system seamlessly integrates into your bike, giving you much more power than you'd get from a bike in your garage.

Things like pedaling and braking are the same on an electric bike as on a regular bike, with only the occasional exception. An e-bike is simply designed to enhance your power, not replace your efforts to make your bike ride more enjoyable. The e-bike riding experience is different, and you have to try it, that's why.

You'll save a lot of money

Who doesn't like to save money? Living in the city can be expensive. What's more, owning a car in the city can also be expensive due to maintenance costs, gasoline, and other miscellaneous needs.

Get an electric bike and make your life a little easier. According to estimates from the experts at Rad Power Bikes, you can save up to $7,409 in a year when you switch from using a car to an electric bike for your daily commute.

You know your budget and average actual costs best. Imagine a straightforward math problem to see how much you can save by using an e-bike in your lifestyle, from Uber rides, gasoline costs, subway fees, parking fees, and car maintenance fees.

It will revolutionize the way you commute

If you have the fantasy of wanting to be both fast and get a workout when you get to your destination and not be tired. Commuting on an e-bike turns that fantasy into a reality. In addition to reducing ride times - how much depends on your distance and terrain, an e-bike optimized for commuting can lessen the standard 27-minute ride time to 15 minutes.

Unlike a sedentary lifestyle, cyclists can stay active during their commute. Still, with the help of the electrical assistance provided on the e-bike motor, cyclists can arrive calm, refreshed, and relaxed. As a result, we don't come to work sweating and panting, and no one wants to go to work sweating.

Thanks to the assistance of electric motors, commuters can cover longer distances with much less effort than traditional bikes, so you can reach a more comprehensive range if you choose an electric bike. At the same time, some bikes can be very fast, offering an impressive top speed of about 45 km/h.

Plus, with accessories like baskets and child seats, you can ditch the car and do errands like dropping off daycare and visiting the supermarket as part of your electric bike commute.

It keeps you healthy

Physical Health

Getting an electric bike is an excellent option if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some people write off e-bikes as a lazy alternative to traditional bikes, but that's not the case, and while it's true that riding can sometimes seem effortless, your body still gets the benefits of exercise. In fact, in a study conducted in 2016, researchers found that: previously sedentary adults who started riding e-bikes a month after they did, adults who participated in e-biking showed greater and huge health benefits such as better overall aerobic fitness, better blood sugar control, and a trend toward lower body fat. And importantly, they were eager to continue riding despite the fact that other forms of exercise had never appealed to them.

In addition, for some people, less physically demanding cycling can be a game changer. The balance and motor function required for cycling can help alleviate symptoms of diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's in an aging population. And riding an e-bike can help older adults reap all of these benefits without exhausting their bodies, making cycling a great way to stay active and healthy with older relatives and friends.

Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as the physical benefits we get from e-biking, and it helps us achieve a healthier mindset. In fact, riding an e-bike for recreation or basic transportation will improve our brain function.

It is well known that fresh air and sunlight are essential to our health. Riding an e-bike fulfills this need and gives us more opportunities to be closer to nature, offering us a relaxed and sober life.

Regular exercise, like riding an e-bike, may help improve sleep and combat insomnia. Regular exercise helps us fall asleep faster than those who lead sedentary lifestyles. People who exercise regularly are also less likely to wake up at night than those who don't. Also, when we exercise less, we complain more about sleep problems.

As more people enjoy this outdoor sport, many cycling clubs, teams or organizations pull together large groups of people who enjoy the same interests or have the same topics to talk about, which can help enrich their lives outside work.

For seniors or those recovering from knee surgery or other procedures, traditional bicycles may be challenging to get them riding again. But e-bikes offer an easy solution to help them get back to riding and give them more confidence to ride and make friends.

It will help you protect our planet

No pollution, no noise, and being environmentally friendly are other reasons to ride an e-bike.

E-bikes offer zero emissions, which means they don't emit toxic gases and fumes or any of the car exhaust that causes respiratory and other health problems. As a result, e-bikes do not cause air pollution, which means they benefit urban areas or large cities that are heavily impacted by vehicle exhaust.

Compared to other motorized transportation, e-bikes do not produce dust or car exhaust, which reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and reduces stress and exposure to polluted air.

In addition, e-bikes have very low emissions and therefore do not cause noise pollution to those groups living, studying, or walking along the roadside.

Riding an e-bike can reduce dependence on motorized transportation and do your part for the environment. It can help you pursue a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and maintain a healthy mindset.

As mentioned above, switching from conventional transportation to bicycling is a great way to help the planet. In fact, according to one study, if you just cut back on driving your car by about 8,000 miles per year, you'll reduce your carbon footprint by about 15% and boost your physical and mental health in the process. Now is a critical time to start this activity, which will help keep the planet healthy.

Eco-friendly cities like Amsterdam are examples of how cycling can improve people's quality of life and the environment, as the city is one of the greenest places on earth. 

You'll lust after your e-bike

People who get an electric bike tend to fall in love with it and can't get enough of it. In North America, about 55% of e-bike owners say they would ride a conventional bike daily or weekly. In fact, once people get a traditional e-bike, that number jumps to 91%. In addition to commuting, owning an e-bike is fun and can be a great way to explore other nearby landmarks and local treasures on the weekend. Like owning a regular bike, an e-bike keeps you active on the go, especially in the summer. If you want to do a little mountain biking this summer, the TROXUS Skyhopper is an excellent choice.

The different feelings when riding an e-bike will encourage you to need it in your daily life.

Maybe the benefits and changes it brings you will not immediately appear after you own an e-bike.

But after long-term use, you will notice slight changes in your life, including relationships with family and friends, work changes, and health.