Some reasons to love ebikes

Some reasons to love ebikes

Love is in the air and we are crushing our love. Like a healthy long-term relationship, our e-bikes are making our lives better! Let's count.

Follow our hearts

All of these exercises with the ebike got our hearts racing. Despite our initial fears that using the ebike would reduce the amount of exercise, we were pleased to find that we usually went farther and needed to ride more. We are no longer intimidated by hills and distances, we can move up and down anywhere and our fitness app is happy with the results.

Is the errand ...... interesting?

We said it bluntly. As our Troxus electric bikes sat there, shiny and inviting, convincing us to go grocery shopping, we thought we'd go make them happy. But then something happened - and it was fun. It was like, really, really fun. We didn't have to find parking, we took some delightful shortcuts, and we loved cruising in the fresh air. Daily travel dates? Yes, please.

Double Dates

They say love is an emotion that can be shared. For those of us who own Troxus Skyhopper, Troxus Vulcanus, our kids, spouses and friends are clamoring to join in.

Fees Covered

Like any chivalrous date, our Troxus e-bikes are covering the costs. So long for fuel, parking, bridge tolls, and (for those who ditch the car altogether) car and insurance fees. Small trips add up and we're paying less and less for fuel and parking.

Try something new

Those who hang out together, stay together. Now that we're gleefully cruising down bike paths and taking pictures by old bridges, we have to admit they were right. Now our spouses are joining in the fun and riding their bikes with us. It's all been so much fun and we don't want it to end.

Hello, beautiful

Let's admit it, we're cute. This e-bike and its unique style is making waves. Once we added a basket to the front and took our dog for a ride, the race was over. With smiles on our faces, we waved, wagged our tails, and passed everyone we got nothing but envious glances back.