Troxus Lynx: The Ultimate Ride for All Ages?

Troxus Lynx: The Ultimate Ride for All Ages?

Lynx Makes Everything Easy
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When it comes to electric fat bikes, they often exude a sense of rugged power and dominance. Their large frames and hefty builds can be intimidating for some riders. However, the Troxus Lynx breaks from convention, offering a refreshing take on the fat e-bike experience.

While the Lynx is not the smallest e-bike, it embraces a different philosophy. It has gracefully dialed down the aggressive traits commonly associated with fat bikes, creating a more approachable and versatile ride. The sleek design and thoughtful engineering of the Lynx make it an excellent choice for riders of all ages and abilities.

Lynx Wheels: Lighter and Agility


While the Lynx uses fat tires, the wheel size is considerably smaller than the fat bikes you’ll find from other Troxus fat bikes. The Lynx’s tires measure 20” in diameter, compared to the more standard 26” found on the Troxus Explorer.

While the common belief has always been that larger wheels equate to faster bicycles, electric bikes, specifically fat e-bikes, have shifted the focus away from sheer speed, as the speed limit restrictions imposed on all e-bikes. Learn more.

So, what exactly are the advantages of an electric fat bike with smaller tires? There are two critical factors at play: 

  • Weight: Smaller tires on a fat e-bike make it lighter, allowing for easier maneuverability and enhanced agility.
  • Agility: These bikes have a nimble nature, making navigating through tight corners and tricky terrain a breeze. 

With the Troxus Lynx, riders can experience the best of both worlds – the robust capabilities of a fat e-bike combined with the swift handling of smaller tires. It's a different breed of fat e-bike that brings new versatility to electric biking enthusiasts.

Lynx Upright Riding Position: Embrace Comfort, Visibility, and Control

The Lynx is designed with an upright position, bringing riders several advantages.


The upright position promotes comfort by evenly distributing the rider's weight between the saddle, handlebars, and pedals. It reduces strain on the back, neck, and shoulders, allowing for a more enjoyable and fatigue-free journey.

So whether you are young or old, novice or experienced rider, healthy or arthritic, the Lynx is for you.


The upright position improves visibility, providing riders with a clear view of the road and surroundings. This heightened awareness helps them anticipate and react to obstacles, enhancing riding safety.

Relaxed Riding Style

The upright position encourages a relaxed and leisurely riding style, focusing on the joy of the journey rather than just speed. Riders can fully appreciate the scenery, engage in conversations with others, and feel connected to their environment.


The upright position accommodates riders of different fitness levels and abilities, offering a more accessible riding posture. This inclusivity enables a broader range of individuals, regardless of physical conditions, to comfortably experience the pleasure of cycling.

Stability and Control

The upright riding position enhances stability and control by balancing the rider's center of gravity. This stability proves valuable when navigating challenging terrains or unpredictable situations, ensuring a confident and maneuverable ride.

Lynx Power: Unleash the Speed and Performance of Your Ride

When using the throttle, the Lynx can reach a speed of 20 mph, while with the pedal assistance system, it can achieve a speed of 26 mph. Terrain, weather, battery capacity, rider weight, etc., will all affect the speed of Lynx riding. Please feel the speed of Lynx yourself during the ride. And the Electric Bike Report also conducted professional tests on the performance of the Lynx. Read more.


The Lynx boasts a sophisticated five-level pedal-assist system, offering a wide speed range from 9.5 to 26 mph. Equipped with the formidable Bafang 750W motor, this e-bike effortlessly conquers every trail section it encounters. The robust motor delivers unwavering performance, ensuring a stable, seamless, and intuitive power delivery that complements every pedal stroke throughout your journey.

Lynx Frame: Suitable for all body types and allows for increased cargo capacity.

The Lynx e-bike stands out with its robust and sturdy frame, accommodating riders with larger body sizes. Engineered for durability, this exceptional e-bike effortlessly handles the demands of heavier weights. Crafted from a high-quality 6061 aluminum alloy, the Lynx guarantees a solid and reliable foundation, ensuring a smooth and secure ride.

Not only does the Lynx prioritize strength, but it also excels in providing an optimal fit for riders of varying heights. With a recommended height range of 5'1" to 6'3", this versatile e-bike caters to a wide spectrum of riders. Whether shorter or taller, the Lynx guarantees a comfortable and ergonomic riding experience, enhancing your enjoyment on the road.

Its impressive weight capacity sets the Lynx apart, with a maximum payload of 353 lbs (160 kg) and a rear rack that can handle loads up to 55 lbs(25 kg). It's a testament to the Lynx's commitment to delivering a reliable, sturdy riding companion. Regardless of your size or weight, the Lynx is the perfect choice for those seeking an e-bike that can easily handle any challenge. Also, it offers the convenience and flexibility to transport additional gear, groceries, or supplies, making it perfect for daily commuting or running errands.

One remarkable characteristic that sets the Troxus Lynx apart from other fat e-bikes is its unique step-through frame design. This distinctive feature plays a pivotal role in enhancing the bike's accessibility, as it makes mounting easier and caters to a broader spectrum of riders. By providing a convenient and user-friendly entry point, the step-through frame ensures that riders of varying ages, physical abilities, and mobility levels can effortlessly get on and off the bike. Overall,  the Lynx e-bike is a reliable and versatile choice that makes commuting easier, even when wearing dresses, bulky jackets, or rain gear.

In conclusion

The Troxus Lynx electric fat bike offers a refreshing and versatile ride. 

It balances the aggressive traits commonly found in fat bikes, creating a more approachable and user-friendly experience. The smaller tire size enhances the bike's weight and agility, combining the robustness of a fat e-bike with agile handling. 

The Lynx's upright riding position prioritizes comfort, visibility, and control for riders of all ages and abilities. Its powerful Bafang 750W motor and the five-level pedal-assist system deliver impressive speed and performance. 

The robust frame ensures strength and versatility for riders of all sizes. In contrast, the excellent weight capacity and unique step-through frame design make it accessible to a wider range of riders. 

For a reliable, comfortable, and enjoyable e-bike experience, the Troxus Lynx is an exceptional choice.