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Damage to the Mounting Bolts and threads for Racks and Fenders

Applicable Products

If you have purchased a front or a rear rack for your Troxus e-bike and are having trouble tightening the mounting bolts onto the frame, this section is for you! This section also applies to the following products:
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Resolve the Issue


The mounting bolts of these accessories are pre-tapped and their matching bolts are tightened into the frame. So, riders simply need to undo and tighten them back on to add their accessories.

The mounting bolts can become cross-threaded inside the frame, meaning that they were not properly aligned when threaded in. This can cause the bolts to get stripped, which means the threads within the frame sustained some damage. However, there is a possibility to fix the stripped mounting bolts on your e-bike and resolve this issue!


1. Reach out to customer service. 

Our first recommendation is to reach out to customer service. Include photos in your inquiry that clearly and visibly portray: the bolts and threads on their own and the threads in the frame. A member of our team will review your photos, assess the level of damage, and then provide you with the next steps.

2. Visit a Troxus dealer or local e-bike shop.

You may also visit a Troxus dealer or local e-bike shop if your mounting bolts are not properly tightening. They will assess the threads on the frame of your e-bike to determine whether it can be repaired. If the damage is not extensive, a local e-bike shop will likely be able to re-tap the threads into the frame.

Updated on 18 Oct 2023