Easter gift tips

Easter gift tips

2022.4.17 is Easter Day in Europe and America

It commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion between 30 and 33 A.D.

Easter is a symbol of rebirth and hope in the springtime when everything comes back to life. As a result of the epidemic, the overall trend for Easter this year continues to be fewer parties and more homes, while the gift-giving scenario accounts for a larger portion of the season.


1. Bonny Bunny

The toy category is the best-selling Easter category other than candy. As a prolific animal, the rabbit symbolizes the revival of spring and the birth of new life, and is a common gift for Easter.

2. Small ornaments and pendants

Due to the impact of the epidemic, foreign people's willingness to party has decreased, and the growth of balloons, ribbons and large decorations for parties has slowed down significantly, while the growth of small ornaments and pendants containing holiday elements is more significant because they have both gift and decoration properties. For example, the ornament below, which contains two Easter elements, Bonnie Bunny and Gnome, has increased nearly 60% in AMZ BSR ranking in the first category in one month's time.

Bath and Spa Products

Under the epidemic, more consumers are willing to take a bath or do spa treatment at home, so most of the hot products for home are inflatable bathtubs, spa oils, bath balls, aromatherapy and other products, which are very suitable for self-relaxation at home.

Easter Eggs

Europeans and Americans are sure to eat eggs on Easter Day. Eggs have always been a symbol of life and of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Drawing eggs, giving and eating them has been a common custom since the early days of Christianity, representing the rebirth of a new year and a good start.

Troxus Vulcanus 

Mountain electric bikes are becoming more and more popular. With its features and advantages, the proliferation and demand for mountain electric bikes has risen to a whole new level. With esters approaching, finding the right gift for cycling enthusiasts can be a challenging task. But, fortunately, we have all the ideas to help you with this challenge.

Cycling enthusiasts are people who love to ride bikes. Whether it's their daily commute to work or a sporting event, they always choose mountain electric bikes as their first and preferred vehicle. The popularity of electric bikes soared from the first moment they appeared on the market. Suitable for all different age groups, e-bikes have become the bike that everyone wants to own.

Since Easter is fast approaching, you can easily make your bike lover happy by choosing the right gift. These are just a few of the most stylish and popular choices that will make Easter shopping a little easier. The beauty of the gift can be seen through the dedication and the perfect choice. Therefore, finding a gift that will be practical and useful for the avid cyclist will be a big hit and a first class affair. The Troxus Vulcanus is the perfect gift for the mountain rider and will make them happy and satisfied. With a great gift, you'll be happy and so will the rider.