Ebike Tips for New Troxus Riders

Ebike Tips for New Troxus Riders

Welcome to the Troxus community. Whether this is your first e-bike or your first Troxus, we're here to help you make the most of your e-bike journey.

Anti-theft protection

First things first: protect your electric bike. Purchase the best lock you can afford and carry it easily on your ride. Finally, store or park your e-bike in direct view of security cameras whenever possible (businesses such as banks are ideal).

Safety First

Head Protection: Most cities require bicyclists to wear helmets. Whether or not this is a legal requirement, we strongly recommend that you use a helmet to protect your head. Make sure it fits and is up to date (internal helmet components break down after 5-6 years).
Visibility: Your goal is to be as visible as the cars on the road. Wear bright colors that are easy to see; then, always wear light-colored (or light-colored) clothing for night rides. Your Rad is equipped with a headlight and taillight; however, if you ride on dark trails or unlit streets, you may want to upgrade the headlight and consider adding additional reflective decals.
Back up: Carry your tools and you'll find yourself at ease, too. Our roadside repair kits are designed to easily wrap around your frame and include wrenches, tire pry bars, multi-tools and more.

Gear Up Your Bikes

You have the bike. But do you have what you need for your ideal ride? If you received your e-bike as a gift, you may be glad that you can now dress it up to your liking. Troxus offers accessories to suit every need, including a variety of saddles, baskets, child seats and more. Make sure you order the right accessories for your bike model! And, if the accessory you want is out of stock, sign up to be notified; we'll contact you as soon as it's available.

Enhance your e-bike experience

One of the most important aspects of purchasing a Troxus is joining the Troxus FB community. Spread out across multiple social platforms, your fellow Troxus riders are a great resource for chatting about e-bikes. Celebrate milestones, show off customizations, or take photos and share your journey.

Keep learning

Finally, don't forget to follow the Troxus social channels - we want to hear about your milestones and see the photos you share, too! We love to share images and stories of our riders. You'll also find updates on products, accessories and riding advice to help you get the most out of your bike.

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