Enjoy your summer riding

Enjoy your summer riding

Spring is almost over which means summer is just around the corner! While you're enjoying the blooming flowers, singing birds and fine rain, don't forget to start planning your summer to make the most of this beautiful season that's just around the corner. The best time to prepare for summer is before it starts!

With all the changes of the past two years behind us, we can now be stronger, happier, and more prepared to be in tune with the world this summer. Our favorite way to embrace the warm weather and new season is, of course, to be outside with friends and family on an e-bike, or even on a solo adventure. But there are plenty of other summer activities you can take part in this year.

Today's post will focus on how to prepare for summer cycling and what to do in between those moments. Let's get started!

Get your e-bike ready

If you haven't joined the growing trend of e-bike enthusiasts and lovers, you have plenty of time to order your e-bike and let the anticipation begin to build. Now is the perfect time to research and buy a new e-bike for this summer.

Remember, the best electric bike is the one you enjoy using. That's why we offer remote e-bike battery technology, industry-leading speed and power, and a sleek new design to fit any rider. Once you get started, you won't want to get off your Troxus electric bike.

Already have an e-bike? Great now is the ideal time to take it out and perform routine maintenance. Check the air pressure in the tires, apply light lubricant to the chain and gears, clean the frame with warm water and soap, and check the brakes for any unusual wear. Charge the battery and check the weather forecast to schedule a trip for the next sunny day.

You don't have an electric bike yet? That's okay! There are plenty of other activities you can do on a traditional bike, even on your own two feet! Check out the list of fun summer activities below and find one that sparks your interest.

Go outside and take an outdoor activity

New activities are often the most memorable. Even if you decide you don't like it, trying something new can keep you young, energetic, and improve your memory. New and exciting experiences are easier to remember than the same old things you do every day. So get out there and try some of these fun new summer activities.

Attend an impromptu volleyball game. It's cheap to buy a volleyball net and a ball at a sporting goods store, and you only need four people to play a full game of beach volleyball. Find a sand court at a nearby beach or school. Don't forget to drink lots of water and sunscreen.

Try mini golf with the kids or a date. Mini golf is a great way to get some fresh air, have a friendly competition and improve your motor skills. Then create great family memories by eating ice cream on the way home.

Attend a local fair. Art shows and amusement parks are a great way to support local businesses and enjoy the warm weather. Walking from tent to tent, watching crafts, food and games is also great exercise.

Pick berries in the orchard. Blueberries and strawberries are in season from June to September. The fresh berries picked from the vines are so juicy and delicious that it's fun to wander through the fields and pick them yourself.

Have a picnic in the park. Don't forget to bring blankets, bug spray and sunscreen. Pack a lunch and a cold drink. If you have a bike, you can put everything in a heat-reflecting, food-compatible cooler bag and strap it to your bike rack.

Book a local campground. Camping doesn't need a week's worth of schedule to be fun. Many towns have campgrounds on the outskirts that are quiet and beautiful. Pack up your car, hook up your bike rack, spend an evening or two roasting marshmallows and stargazing in the middle of nature.

Plan your adventure

All good adventures begin with a plan. By scheduling your trip, even if it's temporary, you can ensure that you can take in everything the summer has to offer for a limited time. Invite your friends and family ahead of time and search ahead for the best things to do in your area.

Check out our series on some of the best e-bike routes offered in the United States. We've highlighted routes in Montana, North Carolina, Michigan, Utah, Oregon and New York, and more! If you're planning a trip, be sure to review our best tips to make the most of any bike road trip.

Summer plans are the best, especially when they include biking. So, get your e-bike ready, choose a fun activity, and make plans. Planning and anticipating new experiences is almost as much fun as the day of the event.

While we've covered some of our favorites here today, don't forget that there are many other benefits to summer e-biking. We hope to see you out in the sunshine!