Important tips for researching new electric bikes

Important tips for researching new electric bikes

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Electric bikes aren't going anywhere. As more and more riders discover the many benefits of owning an e-bike, their popularity will only grow. This makes now a great time to get into this fast-growing trend. You probably already know how cost effective e-bikes are, the environmental benefits they offer and the healthy lifestyle they provide, but where should you start looking for the best e-bike?

There are endless options for your new e-bike, and there are many opinions on each option. Some riders prefer low prices, while others want a high quality product. A single review or a single model of e-bike may not be representative of the entire e-bike industry.

Thankfully, there are ways to improve your search for your first (or second) e-bike. Following practical e-bike research tips will give you a better understanding of the e-bike market, the different e-bike models, and other information that is not specific to bikes but is still very valuable. With this short guide, you will get advice and tips on how to conduct your own e-bike research and determine the best e-bike for you.

Consider your usage

The first tip for researching e-bikes is not one that many people remember to consider. That is, ask yourself, "What am I going to do with an electric bike?" You may want to replace your car around town. You may want to use a cargo bike to deliver groceries. You may just want to get some fresh air in your neighborhood. Each of these situations will provide them with a different suitable e-bike option.

Cargo bikes are best for hauling items around town or delivering packages. High performance e-bikes are designed with the professional rider in mind or the rider who wants a top-notch experience. All-terrain e-bikes are good in almost every way, and they're not too expensive. Considering how you use your e-bike most often will help you narrow your research on e-bikes at the start of your search.

Compare Key Specifications

Our next tip for you is a basic, but important, product research tip. That said, you can't just look at e-bike prices or reviews and learn about the bike. You need to look at the individual specs and parts that make up the bike. For example, you might buy a very inexpensive e-bike because it's attractively priced, only to find out that the maximum range is 20 miles and that you'll often need to charge it or you could run out of battery at the worst possible time.

If you compare the range of two different e-bikes, you may want to take this into account when looking at the overall condition and price of both. Not all e-bikes are created equal. We've done some comparisons with some well-known brands. Of course, we naturally prefer the Troxus e-bike, but this is a good example of the different comparisons you can make for yourself.

Take a look at reviews or watch YouTube videos

Another great way to research electric bikes is to get first-hand accounts from other riders. Their experiences may help you understand how a particular bike will meet your needs. There are many review videos on YouTube as well as free articles on the Internet. These reviews often go over the features of a particular e-bike on a case-by-case basis so you can learn more about how they work or what they offer.

Consider the margin cost of the bike

A common mistake consumers make when purchasing any new product is to look only at the price to determine the best deal. However, the price tag on an electric bike doesn't tell the whole story. A cheap purchase price may lower your upfront cost, but it can become expensive when you need to repair a broken bike, upgrade or replace specific parts, or find that your e-bike is far from powerful or fast enough.

Expensive products may end up costing you less to own throughout the life of the product. So, while the initial cost may be higher, ultimately an expensive e-bike may be the less costly option.

Check the warranty

Our final tip should come as no surprise, but sometimes it gets forgotten. Check the warranty of any e-bike brand you intend to purchase. Short-term warranties or no warranty at all indicate a lack of confidence that the company will perform well on its products. Troxus offers an industry-leading 18-month warranty, which you can read more about here.

At first, researching the best electric bikes for you may seem daunting, but by following these guidelines, you should be able to narrow down your choices to a few bikes that meet all of your needs. Remember to compare specs while considering the specific use you want to use the bike for, read or watch reviews, find out how much the bike really costs beyond just the sticker price, test ride the e-bike if you can, and look for a manufacturer's warranty.

With these tips, you'll be riding your new e-bike in no time. Enjoy!