Five Surprising Uses for Troxus Explorer Series

Five Surprising Uses for Troxus Explorer Series

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Are you seeking an enjoyable and practical means of discovering the outdoors this spring? Look no further than the Troxus Explorer series e-bikes!

Here are five surprising benefits of the Troxus Explorer series that you might not have considered:


Stylish Red and Blue

    Sharing a new experience, such as an e-bike ride, is an excellent method to strengthen your bond with your partner. It allows you both to acquire a new skill together while experiencing the excitement of the activity.

    Electric bicycles are no longer light vehicles but are becoming more and more fashionable and lovely. They come in various colors, shapes, and designs to meet the needs of different people. A beautiful e-bike will make you more charming on your spring date. 

    Troxus Explore series comes in stunning red and blue colors, making your ride an unforgettable memory. We have two types of e-bikes to choose from: Step Through and Step Over. Ride on them and date your lover!

    Click HERE to buy. And for more beach dating spots, refer to previous articles: WITH TROXUS, EMBRACE CYCLING ADVENTURES TO THE BEACH!

    Strong Power with Bafang 750W Motor

      Riding a bike uphill is a challenge, especially during long rides. However, electric bicycles can assist you in riding uphill effortlessly, eliminating the need for a lot of pedaling. This power-assist feature allows you to ride more comfortably and efficiently.

      Troxus Explore series is equipped with a cadence sensor to measure the rotation of the pedals. This cadence sensor is built into the bike with the pedals attached and tells the motor you are pedaling. It signals the engine to provide the selected pedal assist level. The speed sensor makes riding uphill easy without much effort. Plus, the powerful 750w Bafang motor can adapt to your riding in the mountain, beach, city, and other multi-terrain.

      Excellent Carrying Capacity

        Do you feel weary of the daily routine of traveling to work? Troxus electric bicycles are an excellent option for students and office workers looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to get around. It can shuttle quickly and conveniently between the campus and the city, shortening your commuting time. And e-bikes are much easier to park than cars or motorbikes. You can park an e-bike in a designated bike parking area or carry it inside a building.

        The Explorer Series' total payload capacity of up to 275 lbs makes it an excellent choice for a camping companion. Plus, it has enough room to carry your camping gear, and the powerful motor makes it easier to carry heavier loads over long distances.

        Comfortable Riding Experience

          The Troxus Explorer Series e-bike is designed with comfort and functionality. The front shock absorber is one of the features that contribute to the comfortable riding experience of the e-bike. This feature helps reduce the impact of bumps and rough terrain, making the ride smoother and more comfortable.

          The e-bike's saddle is also optimized for comfort with a soft and supportive cushion, ensuring you can ride for long periods without discomfort. Additionally, the handlebars are ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip that minimizes strain on your wrists and arms.

          The overall design of the Explorer Series e-bike also includes a user-friendly display that shows essential information such as the remaining battery, distance traveled, and speed. This display lets you track your progress and make informed decisions when planning your trip.

          Lowest Price in History

            Compared with cars, buses, taxis, and other means of transportation, the e-bike has lower costs. And it can travel a long distance on a single charge while does not need refueling fees, so it can save a lot of transportation costs in daily commuting and short-distance travel.

            Compared with membership fees for fitness equipment such as gyms and treadmills, an e-bike can provide people with the dual effects of travel convenience and exercise while saving additional fitness costs.

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            So why wait? Grab a friend, hit the road, and explore the great outdoors on a Troxus e-bike today!