Everything You Need To Know About E-Bikes Lumen Lights

Everything You Need To Know About E-Bikes Lumen Lights

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Lumen lights are essential to riding an e-bike. First and foremost, they help you see in low-light conditions, which is especially important for early morning or late evening rides. They also make you more visible to others on the road, which can help prevent accidents. Studies have shown that having lights on your bike can reduce the risk of accidents by up to 47%.

(Source from ScienceDirect)

However, choosing the right bike light can be challenging, considering many factors, including brightness, beam angle, and battery life.

What are lumen lights?

Lumen is a unit of measurement employed to measure the aggregate amount of visible light emitted by a source, indicating its luminosity. A light's brightness is proportional to the number of lumens it emits. The higher the lumen rating, the 'brighter' the lamp will appear. Regarding e-bikes, lumen lights are potent LED lights that offer powerful and concentrated illumination for nighttime or low-light cycling. 

Types of E-Bike Lumen Lights

There are two main types of e-bike lights: integrated and aftermarket. Integrated lights are built into the bike's frame or components, such as the handlebars or seat post. On the other hand, aftermarket lights are added to the e-bike after purchase and can be easily removed or swapped out. 

Integrated lights are generally more expensive but offer a sleeker look and are less likely to be stolen since they're not easily removable. Aftermarket lights are more affordable and can be easily replaced or upgraded, but they can also be stolen or lost.

The front lights are generally mounted on the handlebars to illuminate the road ahead. In low-light situations like at night or in fog, it's crucial to have a bright front light to help riders spot potential road hazards. The rear light helps to enhance the rider's visibility from behind. Front lights are usually more powerful and brighter than rear lights. 

And it will be easier for others to see you if the lights have a flashing function. Troxus Lynx’s lighting system is a standout feature. It is equipped with two sets of lights at the front and rear, and the taillights support the double flashing effect when braking so that people behind you can see you for the first time.


How Many Lumens Do I Need for My E-Bike?

Lumen lights can vary widely in brightness. For example, a front light with 50 lumens would be suitable for riding in an urban setting with streetlights. Alternatively, riding in rural areas with limited street lighting, you may need a light with 100 - 200 lumens or more.

Is it better for e-bike lights to be brighter? Maybe not. While more glowing lights can provide better visibility and safety, too bright lights can also be disruptive to other road users.

It's worth noting that the brightness of a bike light is one of many factors to consider. The angle of the beam is also essential. A lamp with a broader beam angle will provide better peripheral vision, while a narrower beam angle will give a more focused, long-range beam. Please consider your specific needs and the riding you'll be doing when choosing a light with the appropriate beam angle.


Battery Life

Battery life is another critical factor when choosing an e-bike lumen light. Brighter lights require more power, which means the battery will drain faster. Therefore, balancing brightness, visibility, safety, and battery life is essential when choosing electric bicycle lighting. 

The Troxus Lynx, which meets the needs of urban commuters, is an excellent example of balancing these factors. The Lynx is an e-bike tailored for beginners and urban commuters. Its upright riding position makes it easy to ride for extended periods. Its mechanical brakes provide smooth braking, and a speed sensor ensures no lag during commutes. Meanwhile, it's paired with a 125-lumen headlight to keep your city rides safe. The lights have no extra batteries, sharing one battery with the entire bike. So, there's no additional charge required. It not only reduces maintenance expenses but also conserves time.

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Maintaining your bicycle lumen light is essential to ensure it works effectively and safely. 

Regularly clean the lens and body of the light using a soft cloth. It will help to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating in the light, which can reduce its effectiveness. Ensure that the light is mounted securely to your bike. And check the screws and the clamps regularly to make sure that they are tight.