Four Ways to Enjoy Freedom on The 4th with Troxus!

Four Ways to Enjoy Freedom on The 4th with Troxus!

Here's to enjoying the freedom of movement and mobility, as summer truly kicks into high gear. Now that summer has truly arrived, enjoy the freedom we are so lucky to have- today and always.
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The 4th of July is Independence Day, and the celebration of freedom. We celebrate freedom every day, and have four simple suggestions to help you enjoy the freedom of the 4th, too. If you don't have an E-bike yet, don't miss out the Independence Day promotion: Up to $400 off selected Troxus E-bikes plus FREE accessory gift! 


Ride to the beach and be free from the hassle of parking and congestion. While everybody else is driving for hours trying to find that one elusive parking spot, you get to cruise right to the sand and sun, with wind in your face … and without wasting time or gas! You can even attach a board rack to the bike and carry your surfboard, or strap a basket and towels to the rear rack for an awesome day of fun and sun.


Ride to the woods and nature and be free from the never-ending rat race. Get out of the house, out of town, and into nature, while leaving behind the constant grind of everyday existence. Just like your phone, your laptop, or your e-bike, it’s important to recharge your own batteries. Getting away from the stress of home or work, and away from the urban world, back into nature, is one of the very best ways to hit reset and refresh the mind. Going back to work or school with a renewed outlook is one of the best ways to settle the noises in our heads.


Ride with friends or family and be free from the constant distraction of the growing digital landscape. AI is great, but it can’t truly replicate the joy of being outside with friends and family, enjoying a beautiful summer day. Grab the kids and get outside, cruise to the park or to the ice cream shop, and watch the smiles grow. They say “outside is free,” and free is fun.


Ride to work or school and be free from the stress of traffic and parking. We all have to do it, whether it’s work or school, or grabbing groceries, but the daily routine is so much better on two wheels. Clear the mind, exercise the body, and pedal away the usual stress of Point A to Point B. Getting out of our cars is great for our minds and bodies, as well as the planet. Our e-bikes help us get there without having to work as hard, but still benefit from the exercise and moving our bodies. Burn off the stress of the day with the pedal-assisted commute home, or even take that detour off the road and relax even more.


Enjoy the 4th and freedom- not just today, but every day! The 4th of July is one of the biggest holidays of the year, and certainly the biggest of summer. Summer is a time of fun, relaxation, and that ever important taste of freedom. Getting out in the warm summer sun, or cruising the neighborhood in the cool evening air with friends is what summer is all about. All of us at Troxus hope that you enjoy the 4th- whether on your bike or simply sitting by the pool.