Which Trax is Best For Me?

Which Trax is Best For Me?

We’ve designed the Trax with speed, comfort, and maneuverability as main features, along with massive maximum ranges.

Our Trax family of e-bikes is ideally suited for urban commuters and any rider looking for a long-range bike to be ridden on primarily paved surfaces. We’ve designed the Trax with speed, comfort, and maneuverability as main features, along with massive maximum ranges. Efficiency is the key, which is why the Trax uses narrower, smoother, and larger diameter tires. This gives the Trax better rolling resistance for improved agility and motor efficiency, while still being tough enough for light offroad/ cycle path use, as well rough city streets. With thorn proof tubes and strengthened tire casings, you can still ride with peace of mind.


But the standout features of the Trax are the motors and batteries, with options using an efficient 500W Bafang rear hub motor, or the impressively powerful 750W Bafang hub motor. Batteries are available in 15Ah, 20Ah, and a staggeringly long-range 30Ah- all using quality Lithium Ion cells from Samsung. Depending on the model, you can ride anywhere from 55 to 110 miles on a single charge! Whether you want simplicity with the 500W/ 15Ah Rigid model, or super long range and maximum comfort with the 750W/ 30Ah model, there is definitely a Trax model to meet- and exceed- your needs.


Trax 500W/ 15Ah Rigid

The 500W/ 15Ah Rigid model is all about simple efficiency. Perfect for riders who ride on smoother streets, paths, and bike lanes and are looking for something quick and nimble. It’s an excellent option for students on campus looking for a fun option for getting to class quickly, with the ability to carry everything they need for the day. These bikes are also very practical for those who are carrying one or two bikes on the rear of their motorhomes while exploring the open roads, and looking for the perfect bikes for excursions once parked.

Trax 50W/ 15Ah Suspension

By adding both front and rear suspension, the 500W/ 15Ah Suspension model helps take the bite out of even the worst city streets! The suspension fork and SR Suntour suspension seatpost further epitomize the “efficiency” theme of the Trax family, providing just the right amount of extra comfort, without adding additional bulk or weight.

Trax 750W/ 20Ah Suspension

With the increased range and power of the 750W motor and 20Ah battery, the 750W/ 20Ah Suspension model gets you further, with the extra power to get you up and over the steepest of climbs while carrying a load. Whether you need the extra power and range for further distances each day, or just have a much hillier route to take- or just want to “expand your playground”- you’ll have more than enough to do so.

Trax 750W/ 30Ah Suspension

The Beast! With the powerful Bafang 750W motor, and an enormous 30Ah battery, the 750W/ 30Ah Suspension model takes you beyond your expectations … and brings you back! This is the ultimate long-range model for anybody looking for the ability to get back and forth on the longest adventures or commutes. Or, if you’re secretly lazy or frequently forget to charge your battery, you can still be worry-free. With an impressive range of up to 110 miles on a single charge, it’s possible for many riders to charge once a week- or even less often. Riders seeking to truly spend the day exploring, while carrying all their necessities, will love the 750W/ 30Ah Suspension model and its incredible range. And that 750W Bafang motor makes the hills melt away.