Here is why you should ride our small wheel SkyHopper

Here is why you should ride our small wheel SkyHopper

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If you are looking for a bike that you can use for getting around town, a 20-inch tire SkyHopper is your choice. Many people prefer simplicity and lower weight. SkyHopper Ebike weighs 72 LBS and brings portability, power, and practicality together.

Let’s dive into this E-bike.

Excellent Short Distance Commuter

A small wheel bike makes a lot of sense. Suppose you live in an apartment in the downtown core area, where you want to travel a short distance. 20’’ E-bike is very compact, so you dont have to keep it in a bike cake. You can take the whole bike to your apartment. And other times. People use it for intermodal. Intermodal meaning that you go from one transportation to another. So You can take it by public transit. The other advantage is with the 20-inch bike, and you can travel around the world with it.

275LBS Max Moad for Heavy Riders

Now, most electric bikes can accommodate around 250 to 275 pounds. The SkyHopper provides you with a max load of 275LBS. It is Can accommodate your weight if you are heavier. Contrary to popular belief, an electric bike is a great tool to exercise with. Electric bicycles also help promote physical activity and develop a healthy lifestyle. Grab your SkyHopper. It will help you burn fat.

Apart from 275LBS max load, don’t forget our SkyHopper is a fat tire E-bike with a 20-inch tire. The wheels are bounced and banged if you are riding on rougher terrain. A smaller wheel with a flat tire could be a pretty good setup! That tire and wheel combo is going to stand up a little better to some of those constraints now.

More Approachable Low-step Design Frame

The Troxus SkyHopper is designed in a low-step design frame. It has got easier on and off maneuverability due to its shape. It can translate into safer riding if you are riding in traffic. You are more nimble on and off of the bike in a quick circumstance if needed. It also just looks super clean aesthetically.

However, it also suits people with injuries. With bad hips or bad knees. They can bring their leg up just a little bit, and they can get on easily. And they were then sliding off the seat for safety.

Adjustable Front Fork & Triple-Shock Absorption

Troxus SkyHoppers are equipped with adjustable front & triple-shock absorption, which enhances your riding experience. These can serve as shock absorbers to minimize the impact of small obstacles like potholes or rocks in the road or trail.

Bikes with full suspension are comfortable to handle. Nothing compares to a full-suspension bike when it comes to comfort. An excellent suspension fork and rear suspension can prevent you from hitting. Whether You E-bike is with the front wheel or the rear wheel. You are going to have that excellent dampening. It’s going to make your ride so much nicer. If you are going to be doing lots of commuting and street riding, the dull suspension is almost a must. You can undoubtedly do off-road riding with just a hardtail, but the more technical you get, the better handling you want.

Suppose you want to know more about how front fork and triple-shock absorption works. Please read another blog we posted before.

So What Are You Waiting for? 

Get yourself a tremendous electric 20’’ E-bike like the Troxus SkyHopper, which has small wheels but fat tires. Not only that, but the bike also has a very comfortable seat and riding position.