Here is why you should ride our fat tire Vulcanus

Here is why you should ride our fat tire Vulcanus

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You may have seen the 26" fat-tire Vulcanus E-bike on the product page. If you want to know more about our fat tire E-bike, this blog is for you.

The first fat bikes were made in 1986 and were used to ride over the Sahara Desert. The most significant and apparent difference between a fat bike and a normal bike is the size of these tires. Standard bike tires are usually about 1.95 - 2.5 inches in width, whereas fat bike tires can range anywhere from about 3.8 to 5 inches in width. The tire size of Vulcanus Fat E-bikes is 26". You can ride over things like snow and sand that a normal bike would sink into and actually might be impossible to ride. The oversized tires usually provide much more traction and grip than a standard bike tire. You wouldn't be able to ride a regular bike through the snow as you could do with a fat bike.

Let's find out the advantages of our fat tire Vulcanus through its main components.


The main benefit of an E-bike is a motor that lets you easily ride. An electric bike can help you get up a hill easier. The 750W brushless hub motor in Vulcanus keeps you going. That is what most people are looking for in an electric motor. You can also choose the level of assistance you need. A Vulcanus motor works well together with the Shimano 7-speed gear system, allowing you to easily choose the combination of pedaling and power that best suits you. Most importantly, Electric motors are very durable and maintenance-free.


A good motor needs a good battery. Vulcanus Ebikes have a Samsung 48V battery. It provides an estimated range of up to 60+ miles. Easily removable and very portable. You can take it with you on trips, and thanks to its USB-Port, it can be used to charge your phone and accessories. Charging the bike is a breeze - remove the battery in one second and take it anywhere like your cabin, camp, home, or office and charge. If a Single Battery isn't enough, you can purchase extra batteries, store them in your bag, and keep on riding!

Here are some simple tips for maintaining your Samsung battery, and we are going to have one weekly blog that will focus on battery maintenance in the future!

  1. Try not to charge your battery too fast. This may affect the battery lifespan.
  2. Try not fully discharge your battery. This will decrease the capacity of the battery.
  3. Don't overheat your battery. This can happen when you ride fast or if it's very hot outside.
  4. Try to charge it as little as possible.
  5. Don't drop the battery on the floor.


The display provides some very useful information, such as the cadence. And the great thing about cadence is that you actually get the optimum power out of your E-bike motor if you pedal at the right cadence. 

Other things you can see on display: Odometer, Speed, assistance level, etc. So many things you can do with a display on your E-bike. For normal bikes, you usually must have to buy a separate meter to show this information. One important thing to mention is that the display should be bright enough to read it in the sun easily. If it's too dark, it is hard to read, and then you are not looking at the road when you drive. With Vulcanus Ebike's smart display, you can easily check your stats. The Backlit LCD display is easy to read in all kinds of weather, and it lets you check the info at a glance so you can keep your eyes on the road.

Overall, Fat tire Vulcanus is a perfect vehicle for commuting and having fun. Please take advantage of the E-far bikes because they are so fun and comfortable to ride!