Introducing Troxus SkyHopper 20” Electric Bike

Introducing Troxus SkyHopper 20” Electric Bike

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We at Troxus are very happy to introduce our Brand New Troxus SkyHopper Electric Bike which brings together portability, power, and practicality.

These days there are many people wishing to commute more easily than by taking a metro or worse taking a car during the morning and evening rush hours. That’s where SkyHopper comes in.

Generally, Fat Tire bikes are seen as Off-road bikes and while this is the main use for the usual 26” models, it’s not the case for the 20” Inch Fat Bikes. Their usual use cases are for people who commute and live in the cities. Why is that you ask? Well, it’s because this size of an e-bike has its own advantages:


  1. It takes much less space if you live in an apartment or have access to less storage space in general.
  2. Living in a highrise? This bike is much easier to fit in an elevator when you want to bring it inside - neighbors are happier too since you won’t take all the space.
  3. Like to take trips outside the city? Skyhopper is much easier to fit in cars and take it to bike trails.


  1. 20” Inch bike is easy to maneuver in traffic. If you find yourself in a traffic jam a  motorbike or a big bicycle can’t fit through those spaces between cars as easily.
  2. Heavy-duty rack. This one is not one of those flimsy bike racks that  normal bikes have. You can really carry some stuff with this. Your usual  groceries and computer bags are of no problem at all.
  3. The front rack, basket, and side bags, etc are easy to fit on it too.
  4. Easy to ride for almost anyone. Thanks to its size it is easy for everyone  to ride big or small, tall or short, young or old.


  1. Commuting to work - Did we mention this bike is electric? The reason why this bike rock is its electric motor and battery. You don’t need to pedal that hard to get to work so you won’t arrive at your destination all sweaty.
  2. Taking it to trails - Even though it’s the little brother of Rover it has the same 750 Watts motor so you don’t need to be shy when going off-roading.
  3. Cargo - Remember that Practicality with the racks? Well, those parts make it possible for you to fit all that stuff on your bike but it’s the motor that makes the bike easy to ride under all that load. Max load of SkyHopper is 275 lbs which is no joke.


It’s a Fat Tire Bike! Even though SkyHopper is smaller in size it comes with the great advantages that the big Fat Tire bikes have:
  1. Safe to ride in many kinds of weather. Snow, Ice, Rain.
  2. Wider tires make it more balanced so it’s easy to ride.
  3. Suspension and Fat tires make it super smooooth to ride on all kinds of terrains.
  4. It’s a load of fun! Not just for commuting but also for the actual trails and weekend rides!

All-in-all we are extremely pleased with the SkyHopper. It’s an excellent commuter that fits the needs of City and Suburban life without forgetting all the fun of Fat bikes!

Please take a look at the full product page of SkyHopper here

We wish You Awesome rides!

Team Troxus