Lynx- One Size Fits Most

Lynx- One Size Fits Most

The Lynx is a full-sized commuter and trail adventurer, with a smaller footprint, and wide ranging fit profile for riders small and large. 
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Are you unsure about finding the perfect size bike, and have the added wrinkle of potentially having to occasionally share the same bike with somebody of a different height? Maybe you have a smaller amount of room to keep or store your bike, or have limited “bike parking” available at your various destinations? If so, we have an excellent solution for your needs- the Lynx!


There are plenty of households that would benefit from an e-bike at their disposal, but they have the added need to be able to comfortably and efficiently fit multiple riders of varying heights. This often leads to compromises in any number of areas- either in terms of fit, performance, or even safety of riders. All of those compromises are bad, for obvious reasons. Having a smaller rider on a bike that is too big, is unsafe, as well as uncomfortable. Forcing a taller rider onto a bike that is too small is uncomfortable, and also means they can not generate the same amount of power from the poor fit. In the end, in both scenarios, the likelihood of continued ridership and use of the e-bike become diminished. Who wants to ride a bike- any bike- that doesn’t fit properly or feels unsafe to ride? Nobody should have to! With the Lynx, riders from 5’1” to 6’3” can comfortably, safely, and efficiently enjoy all the benefits of exercise and mobility.



Thanks to the upright, BMX-inspired handlebars, and extra long seatpost with quick release adjustment, riders of disparate heights can easily be accommodated on the Lynx. Plus, with the step thru frame design, getting on or off the Lynx is very easy, regardless of rider height, clothing, or cargo being carried. All of this makes the Lynx widely adaptable to different riders on the same bike. The simple quick release lever on the frame allows the seatpost to be very quickly adjusted without tools for different riders- and to easily be carried with you to prevent theft while at your destination. With the upright handlebars, it’s equally easy to fit different riders’ sizes. And although not toolless, adjustment is very simple with a single wrench if necessary.

An added benefit of the Lynx, especially for those who live in smaller spaces or have to take their e-bikes onto public transit, is the relatively short wheelbase of the bike. The small-but-wide 20” tires help to reduce the overall length of the Lynx, making it easier to maneuver on city streets, but also through life itself. This smaller size also helps when it comes time to park your bike, especially when the amount or size of available bike parking is limited. And, again, that quick release for the seatpost makes it easy to remove it and carry it inside for theft protection (always remember to lock your bike too).


The Lynx is a full-sized commuter and trail adventurer, with a smaller footprint, and wide ranging fit profile for riders small and large. It packs a punch without forcing you to make compromises that ultimately impact performance or safety.