What is it like riding an electric bike?

What is it like riding an electric bike?

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People always have plenty of questions about electric bikes! They wanna know what exactly they are and how they work. However, the one of the most common questions is how they are different from regular bikes and how do they feel.


As for your convenience, when you order an electric bicycle on Troxus Mobility, we provide free delivery service. Therefore, in order to help you understand which type of bicycle is right for you, we have compared our electric bicycles and normal bicycles, so you can see the differences and reasons, and which places are really the same.



The first obvious difference is the display. Usually there is a LCD/LED display on the electric bike. It can provide information on battery level, range, speed, distance, trip distance and assist mode. Some other advanced electric bikes offer additional functions like fitness condition track and satellite navigation or GPS.



The second difference is the portable battery. Our Troxus products provide portable 48 V 14Ah Samsung battery which is quite convenient and you can also use it to charge your phone with the USB port. You can charge your electric bike battery by plugging it in, just like a mobile phone. The charging time is about 5-8 hours.



The third difference is that electric bikes have motors in rear wheels. Either Troxus Vulcanus or Troxus SkyHopper is equipped with BaFang Motor, which is 750 Watt and strong. With an electric bike, you control the motor. It will adjust the boost level according to your frequency of pedaling in order to provide just the right amount of power.


Let’s talk something same. One of the first things you will notice about electric bikes is that they look a lot like regular bikes. There is a common misconception that e-bikes are like scooters, but they are really just bicycles with the addition of an electric motor.


E-bikes have the same wheels, handlebars and body frame structure as regular mechanical bikes. The mechanical components all work in the same way too, including the pedals and brakes.


The only difference in appearance is the addition of an electric drive system. This consists of an electric motor, a battery and a display or controller. The battery gives the power to the motor and helps to propel the bike forward by providing assistance when you pedal.



The speed of electric bikes is usually faster than the regular bikes because with all this electrical assistance and different assistant mode. Our Troxus electric bikes have five different ride mode and also pedal assistant.


According to US regulations, the maximum speed of an e-bike is 20 mile per hour limit. If you want to go faster than this, the motor will be cut off and you will need pure pedal power from your own legs. Our electric bikes can achieve 28 mph with pedal.


Therefore, if you're not racing, e-bikes may allow you to go faster. This is because they make pedaling feel easy, so you won't get tired as quickly. And they make it easier to maintain a constant speed and regain it after a stop, which may shorten your journey time. But essentially, e-bikes are designed for easy riding, not for breaking speed records.

Riding experience

This is the most important question for most people! What is it like to ride an electric bike? How is it different from a regular bike?


You get on and start pedaling, then thumb the throttle then the motor starts. The transition is usually so smooth that you hardly notice it. An e-bike doesn't change the act of riding a bike - it just makes it feel easier. You simply move the pedals gently to ride. Starting from a standing position becomes a breeze. You can slide up hills without catching your breath and easily cope with strong headwinds.


You can also change the way your e-bike rides by toggling the pedal assist provided by the motor up or down. If you reduce the power, your legs will do most of the work. If you set it to maximum power, you can ride along with your legs, essentially completing the pedaling action and still move quickly and easily.


Rules and regulations

The last common concern is that e-bikes are restricted by rules and regulations. Indeed, unlike regular bicycles, e-bikes are considered to be motorized vehicles. This means that they must comply with a number of government regulations regarding their speed and power limits. However, this does not affect you as a rider. The detailed rules you can check on “Are Electric Bike legal in U.S.”.