Electric Fat Bikes what are they best for

Electric Fat Bikes what are they best for

Electric Fat Bikes - Future of Transport?

During the past year, you can’t have avoided seeing the electric revolution of transport happening right in front of our eyes. It’s not only electric cars and city rental scooters that are in the center but also electric bicycles. Now, We all know how our good old bikes work and what they are good for but how does electrifying change these familiar bikes - are the use cases still the same? Today we are going to take a look at electric Fat Bikes and how do they differ from the regular ones.


Fat Bikes are not just for hobbyists anymore

In the past, the Fat tired bikes were for the hobbyists and adventurers who wanted to ride in tough conditions such as snow and sand where the larger surface area of the tire gave the benefits of grip and stopping the bike from sinking in. The downside of these tires is that they are much heavier to ride than normal narrow tires. Generally speaking, the more narrow the tire is the easier it is to ride - that’s why when you see bike races the bikes use really narrow tires.


To compensate for the heavy-to-ride tires the bikes had to use gears to make the pedaling lighter unfortunately this meant that the bikes became slow too. This wasn’t an issue for the limited use-case of the hobbyists had for the bikes but for general usage of running errands or commuting to work these bikes were pretty useless.


So how do the electric fat bikes change the game? Well, in short, they introduce a new solution for the issue of slow and heavy rides. Now that you have fat bikes like Troxus Vulcanus from troxusmobility.com  which have a motor to help you it’s possible to use higher gears and ride as fast as normal bikes. Troxus Vulcanus built with zero compromises this 750 Watt 26” inch fat tire electric bike won’t let you down no matter what you face - be it Snow, Sand, Gravel, or plain old Tarmac. It truly is the Conqueror of All Terrains. In actuality riding these bikes is even lighter than regular bikes since you can even use a throttle to let the motor take over completely if you so wish. For common usage, though you’d use different levels of assistance that help you a bit and otherwise let you ride the bike as you normally would - Now everyone can ride with ease!


The benefits of Electric Fat Bikes

As the issue with speed has been dealt with we can take a look at what kind of other benefits these kinds of bikes can offer to everyone.


  1. First, it’s the ride quality. Many Fat Bikes are equipped with extra suspension but the fact is that even just the tires make the ride much more comfortable because the larger tires offer a lot of suspension and damping of all the pumps just by themselves. The Vulcanus equiped with KENDA tire liners, made from a layer of aramid and ceramic particles inside the tire below the tread to form a defense line which can provide effective protect against punctures, glass and other small materials. Also, the 26’’ fat tires can bring you to look through the world beauty. So if you happen to live in an area where there are some gravel or sand roads these bikes are for you!
  2. Extra Traction - again, one of the reasons the hobbyists used these in tough conditions was that they enable you to ride when the path is slippery be it wet or even icy. If you live in the north where winter is always coming you will appreciate that you are much less likely to fall on your behind with these bikes. 
  3. Extra Cargo - Some models like Troxus Vulcanus or SkyHopper have been fitted with motors up to 750 Watts. With this kind of power, the bikes are not only great for casual riding but you can actually pack quite a lot of stuff with you - the payload capacity can be even up to 275lbs.
  4. Safety. This one is kind of a combination of 1 and 2 - You ride in comfort and thanks to traction you brake faster. The fat tires also make balancing the bike easier making it a great choice for people recovering from accidents or for seniors who can benefit from the easy and soft maneuverability.
  5. Health. It’s easier to go for a ride when you have a cool ebike to motivate you. Fat Bikes can be ridden anywhere and on all terrains. There’s also a common use case for this kind of bike where you can first ride without the help of the motor and get as far as you can, and then once you get too tired you can trust the motor to take you home and you can enjoy the joyride.
  6. Commuting. As riding the bike takes less effort you can use the bike to go to work even if the trip is a bit long. No need to worry about arriving at the office all sweaty from the ride.
  7. Environment. Last but definitely not least - You can reduce your carbon footprint by choosing to ride with electric power rather than a combustion engine. Some studies have suggested that in this sense bikes are even more environmentally friendly than regular bikes - this is because the human body needs energy (food) to pedal and electricity production is more efficiently produced in many places than food.


These are just a few reasons why Fat Tire electric bikes are great. Naturally, all the other benefits of riding a bike still apply. Simply put the electric motor has enabled everyone to ride these powerful bikes that do almost anything while simultaneously helping our planet.


Thus we are sure to see more and more people find these great bikes and enjoy the lifestyle that they enable. Welcome to the future!