What is the best Father’s Day gift?

What is the best Father’s Day gift?

Give Dad the gift of exercise and health, as well as the opportunity to park the car and drive less.

Father’s Day is almost here, and most dads are pretty hard to shop for. He’s got enough ties, socks, and tools, so think a bit differently this year- get Dad a new e-bike to help him get the most out of his free time. Keep Dad healthy, happy, and sane with a new Troxus eXplorer, Lynx, or Skyhopper e-bike! Dads of all ages and fitness levels can appreciate the benefits of an e-bike, and they’ll be very happy to avoid getting another tie. Now until June 19th you can save from $300 to $400 on Skyhopper, Lynx, and eXplorer models. 


A lot of dads spend the week working hard and often have little time for themselves. Other dads are looking for more and better ways to make the most of their weekend adventures. And then there are the dads who’ve been on the fence about ditching the car to commute to work, or for running errands. A high quality Troxus e-bike gives every dad the tool to “expand their playground” while having fun, getting exercise, and getting further than they might on their own or with the time they have available.


For the dad who wants to commute, a Troxus e-bike is the ideal tool for the job. Reliable motors and batteries with long range power make commuting a breeze- and Dad won’t have to arrive to work tired or sweaty. In fact, he’ll feel more energized than ever, ready for the day- and that includes the commute home too.


If Dad wants to use the car less for nearby errands, but has had concerns about getting around with a load of groceries- or carrying kids to school- Troxus again has the answer. Carrying loads, whether it’s bags of groceries or kids, is easy with our powerful rear hub motors and large capacity batteries. With five power assist levels and an easy to use thumb throttle, it’s like having two dads of power!


Let’s not forget that getting out of the car or simply getting outside at all is a healthier gift for Dad, too. Exercise and a break from the usual routine is good for mind, body, and soul. He’ll thank you for giving him more opportunities to get the most out of his limited time.



What bike is best for Dad? Well, that all depends on his needs and riding style, and maybe even his height.

Troxus Skyhopper 20”; Skyhopper is the perfect entry into e-bike life. With 20” fat tires, it can handle all kinds of terrain from smooth or broken city streets, to gravel paths, or local trails. The powerful 750W rear hub motor and 48V/12.8Ah battery with Samsung cells delivers speeds up to 26MPH in pedal assist mode, as well as an impressive range up to 40+ miles. And with the built-in lights and rear rack, it’s safe and versatile too. Save $300 and get the Skyhopper for $1,099 until the 19th!



Troxus Lynx 20”; The versatile Lynx takes the performance of the Skyhopper up another level! The Bafang 750W rear hub motor combined with the massive 20Ah battery pushes the top speeds up to 28MPH on pedal assist, and takes the range out to a massive 60+ miles on a full charge. The rugged aluminum frame and Shimano shifting system means you don’t have to worry about Dad or his bike, and he’ll get years of reliable performance from his Lynx. Now until the 19th, save $400 on the Lynx, at just $1,799!



Troxus eXplorer 26”; The larger 26” tires roll over bigger bumps with greater ease, and the more upright position is especially suitable to taller riders, as well. And, adding to the versatility, the eXplorer comes in either step-over or step-thru frame designs, making it easier to find a bike that works best for Dad. Like the Lynx, the eXplorer uses a very powerful Bafang 750W rear hub motor and 20Ah battery with Samsung cells. The 60+ mile range and 28MPH max speed in pedal assist means that Dad can roam far and wide in comfort, and not have to worry about having enough power to get home or up the steepest of hills. Dad will also appreciate the Shimano 8spd shifting, as well as the powerful Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. Take advantage of the special $1,899 price and save $400 until the 19th!

Show Dad that you appreciate all the things he’s done for you over the years- maybe even being the one who taught you how to ride your first bicycle too. Give him the gift of exercise and health, as well as the opportunity to park the car and drive less.