What makes Troxus SkyHopper more worth buying

What makes Troxus SkyHopper more worth buying

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Have you been thinking about getting an electric bike recently? E-bikes are very popular right now because electric bicycle has perfect performance in portability, power and practicality!!  Each family should has one. So, how to make a good choice? Especially when buying for the first time, you are not willing to lose trust in the particular brand you choose. There are two famous electric bike brands develop rapidly which are Rad Power Bikes and Troxus.

At first glance, the Troxus SkyHopper and RadCity 5 Plus are seen quite similar, but you should definitely not to consider them as the same bike. Because there are still a few differences between the two bikes and also they have such a big price difference. To give you a clear picture of Troxus's competitive advantage, let's take a look at how the Troxus SkyHopper compares to the Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus in some key areas:

Motor and Battery


The first thing we need to mention is the motor and battery. The motor is the part where that is essentially the same on both bikes. Both of them are equipped with 750 W motors. The difference is that Rad's motor is a geared hub motor, whereas Troxus uses a brushless hub motor, which means it is virtually maintenance-free. The motor components are cleanly enclosed and placed to protect them from other elements.


In the aspect of batteries, both are 48V Samsung batteries, but Troxus' battery can support an estimated 35 (all-electric) to 60 miles (minimum pedal assist) by single charge.The RadCity 5 Plus only gives a vague number that can ride 50+ miles. We don't know whether 50+ miles needs pedal assistance. This is quite important for City commuting,  and you need powerful range to support you.


Shifter and Shock absorbers and Tires  


Then let’s talk about the shock absorbers and shifters. Both of them have a seven-speed gear with Shimano shifter (Rad Power is SL-TX50-7R thumb shifter, Troxus is 7-speed ARDM360SGSL/RD-M360L).


Both bikes come with front shock forks (RST for Rad, Mozo for Troxus).The difference is the tires, the Troxus is 20” kenda tires, while Rad’s is its own brand tires. Obviously, the kenda tires are definitely is better.


You can see that these two bikes almost equipped with the same accessories but Troxus offers a definitely more reasonable price.




The RadCity 5 Plus can reach a top speed of 20 mph, from the factory limit of 20 mph, either on the pedal or using the twist throttle (or both). This speed is absolutely can not satisfy most people.


In contrast, the Troxus can hit top speeds up to 22-23 miles per hour. In addition, you can actually modify the settings to allow speeds of up to 28 mph. It meets the needs of more people because you can adjust the speed easily whether you want a higher or lower speed.




RadPower is known for producing quality electric bikes at reasonable prices, but this time they have no advantage against Troxus and for some reasons, Rad Power Bikes has raised their price again recently. The RadCity 5 Plus retails for $1,799 and the Troxus SkyHopper retails for $1,599. Maybe you will think $200 is not too much but actually at the cost of this configuration it is a huge gap- what's more, the Troxus SkyHopper has another $150 discount to make it even more affordable!


Other consideration


The Troxus and RadCity 5 Plus have the same payload capacity, 275 lbs. However, the Troxus does come in a little lighter, at 57 pounds, compared to the RadCity 5 plus's 65 pounds.


Some other similarities include the twist-grip throttle and both have main battery-powered head and tail lights. Apart from this, both of them have backlit LCD displays, which can make you easily to check all information of bike like battery, speed, pedal assist level, range and so on.



Surprisingly, the cheaper Troxus doesn't look bad compared to the RadCity 5 Plus. It has a powerful battery and the same 750w motor which can provide a longer range and stronger ability to climb the hill. The longer range and stronger sport capability with the lower price makes the Troxus an attractive option. Plus, Troxus promises an additional 18-month warranty compared to the 12-month warranty on Rad Power Bikes. In my opinion, Troxus SkyHopper must be a better choice than RadCity 5 Plus and even with a lower price!!