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We’re always looking to add to our amazing community of active members who offer broad insights to Troxus e-bikes development cycle while embodying and promoting Troxus core value of durability, capability, and fun.

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Explorer Step Over 26" E-bike $1,799.99$1,799.00 View more
Explorer Step Thru 26" E-bike $1,799.99$1,799.00 View more
Lynx 20'' Fat Tire E-bike $1,699.99$1,699.00 View more
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Who are Troxus Ambassadors?

Community Contributors

You stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the e-bike world and local bike communities, and can spot opportunities to bring Troxus e-bikes into the conversation.

E-bike Enthusiasts

You're committed to growth-personally, professionally, and in your community. You enjoy sharing knowledge of doing e-bike's maintenance & care and fixing simple issues.

Group Ride Organizers

You believe that every connection with e-riders can spark something amazing. You love building relationships in your community and inviting them to the Troxus owners' E-Club.

Robert Gursky

E-Bikes are a great excuse to ride and meet up with new friendsVIEW MORE

Alex Modic

Across The Arizona Desert with Troxus Ebike!VIEW MORE

Nick and Josh

Troxus Brothers, Treasured Moments.VIEW MORE

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