Ambassador: Why Did Bill Choose To Get Three Troxus E-bikes?

Ambassador: Why Did Bill Choose To Get Three Troxus E-bikes?

The battery is powerful, accurate and long lasting and I'm getting about 60 miles of range on mixed riding. And what a blast it is to ride, especially when you deflate the tires and ride on gravel trails, on sand at the beach or on snow during winter.
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My name is Bill and I like ride bicycles for fun and exercise. I already own a couple of Class III Ride1Up commuter ebikes (Core5 and 700ST) but I wanted a fat tire ebike for adventure riding on the local “Rails to Trails” biking/hiking trails to enjoy mother nature and to make quick trips to the store without using my car.

I’ve been cycling off and on for many years but usually work out regularly at the local gym. When the pandemic hit and the gyms shut down, I decided to get back into cycling to maintain my physical and mental health. New and used bicycle prices had spiraled up dramatically so I dusted off my vintage (2011) Diamondback Topanga mountain bike and hit the trails with it for about 2 years. By this time the bike market tanked, and they had become less expensive with more available stock to choose from. That’s when I decided to start looking for a fat tire ebike to buy. I looked at what the popular ebike companies (like Lectric, Radpower and Juiced to name a few) had to offer and started to research them and their products. While doing this the Troxus Vulcanus caught my attention on Amazon. The Vulcanus had everything I was looking for in a fat tire e-bike and I discovered that Troxus utilizes the same name brand off-the-shelf components that all the other companies use. Components like Tektro, Shimano, Kenda, etc. The battery is strong, and the motor is powerful and quiet, and it had great reviews posted by happy new owners. After about a month of thinking about it, I ordered one during a sales promotion. It arrived within 5 days, and I was able to put it together quickly with no issues and test drive it. What a nice e-bike! For an e-bike this size, I was surprised at how nimble, quiet and fast it was. Acceleration and speed are great, too. I road tested it on flat asphalt and achieved 20 mph on throttle-only and 26mph on PAS-5. Sweet. I live in a hilly area and the hills were no problem. For safety and longer range I generally cruise around between 10-15mph using PAS1 and PAS2. I've put almost 400 miles on it and have been getting about 60 miles of range depending on throttle usage and terrain. Not bad!


I liked it so much I ordered a second Vulcanus for my son! We have a great time riding the local Rail Trails together and enjoying the beautiful scenery and wildlife. We also like riding to local restaurants or grocery stores to eat or pick up some groceries. My wife saw how much fun we were having and wanted to join us in our adventures. The Vulcanus was too large, but the Skyhopper appeared to be a perfect fit, so we ordered it for her. It arrived quickly and she was on the trails with us in no time! We have a blast going on nature rides and having picnics together. We hop on our Troxus e-bikes every chance we get and are very happy with our purchases!
If you're looking for a stump jumping or downhill racer bike, then the Troxus Vulcanus is probably not for you. But if you’re wanting an adventure seeking, sight-seeing, multi-purpose, go anywhere utility bike that won’t break the Bank, you might want to give the Troxus Vulcanus some consideration. 


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