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Adjust the Display

The angle of the display and the display remote on your Explorer e-bike can be adjusted for a more comfortable fit. Below, we provide some simple steps for you to make adjustments.

Required tools:

  • 2.5mm Allen Wrench
  • Gloves

Operation steps:


1. Loosen three Allen bolts.

  • Two bolts on the display.
  • One fixed blot on the display remote.
  • Slightly loosen the bolts until you can rotate the display and the display remote button.
  • Do not remove the bolts.

2. Adjust the display angle.

  • The adjustment of the angle depends on your height and sitting position.
    • Adjust the display's angle to ensure you can see it while riding.
    • Optimize the screen angle to minimize glare.

3. Adjust the display remote angle.

  • Adjust it to ensure a more convenient control experience during riding.

4. Tighten the fixing blots: recommended torque at 3-5N/m.

      After installation:
  • Check the display can be normally shown.
  • Check the display remote works properly.

Updated on 11 Dec 2023