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Error Code 25

Error Code 25: faulty brake lever.

The fault occurs because the one of the brake levers is malfunctioning.
First, you need to figure out whether the left brake lever or the right brake lever is malfunctioning. The method to check is as follows:


1. Make sure the left and right brake levers are in their resting position (not activated).

2. Using an 7mm flat wrench, undo and remove the power-off sensor-wire plug off the left brake lever, and restart your e-bike: if the error code disappears and the brake light stops flashing, in this case, the left brake lever needs to be replaced.

3.If the error code is still displayed after the left brake lever sensor wire has been removed off the left brake lever and after the e-bike has been restarted, then undo and remove the sensor wire off the right brake lever. After the e-bike is restarted, if the error code disappears and the brake light stops flashing, in this case, the right brake lever needs to be replaced.


You have identified which brake lever has the problem.
In the next step, you will need to replace the faulty lever with a new brake lever. Did you buy your bike from an Authorized Troxus Dealer? If so, please contact them for support. If you purhcased the bike from Troxusmobility.com, Please take a picture of the current model on your e-bike and contact our customer service team. We can arrange to get a replcament sent to you.
4. Next, please follow these steps to replace the brake lever so that you can ride again.
Tool required: Allen wrench set.
5.  For the left hand-side brake lever, loosen its cable / casing tension by backing out the barrel adjuster, disconnect the brake cable and housing from the brake lever, then undo with the proper Allen wrench and remove the left handlebar grip, thumb throttle and brake lever in that order. The remote power-control can stay in place. Replace the brake lever by the new one and reverse the operation, making sure you properly re-insert and connect the brake cable into the new brake cable and restore the proper cable / casing tension. The sensor wire, then, has to be re-inserted in its port on the brake lever in its original position for proper function.
WARNING: Please pay attention.
When installing the new brake lever, make sure that the left side brake lever controls the front wheel, and the right brake lever controls the rear wheel. This is the standard set-up in the U.S.
If you are not confident in the ability to perform all these steps successfully and safely, we recommend that you get this job done by a local certified and reputable e-bike shop / mechanic.

Updated on 12 Dec 2023