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Skyhopper brake wire and basket installation

1. Loosen the fixing screw of the front brake cable wire and pull out the cable cap
2.Remove the brake wire from the frame
3.Remove the brake wire from the gap in the brake handle and replace the brake wire
4.Install the new brake wire back on the brake handle
5.Thread the brake line tube back through the front fork buckle
  1. Install the brake wire tube back on the brake
7. After installing the brake wire, adjust the brake clearance, and put the tail of the wire over, and use needle-nose pliers to fix the tail cap
8.Remove the basket fixing screws from the front of the frame
9.Separate the main line from the brake line left and right, align the basket fixing holes with the frame fixing holes, and screw the fixing screws on.
10.Lock 4 fasteners (torque 12-15N/m)

Updated on 25 Jan 2024