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Error Code 30

For Dealers Only  


Error 30: the fault occurs because the controller or the controller wire is malfunctioning.
The first step, before replacing anything, ensure all the wires are properly connected. 90% off all error code 30's occur due to a wire coming loose in the system. When in doubt, disconnect and then reconnect every wire.
In this step, you need to replace the new controller. How to get a new controller? Please take a picture of the current model on your e-bike and contact our customer service team; The contact information is below. We will send you a new replacement controller free of charge.

Replace the controller

Please, follow these steps to replace the controller:
1. Start by removing the battery from the bicycle
2. Disconnect the main wire connecting the motor to the controller.
3. Use the provided tool to unscrew the three screws holding the lower battery mount on the bottom of the frame. The torque is to 5-8 N/m.
4.Remove the lower battery mount. Please be careful not to scratch the frame when removing the bolts and the mount.
5. Pull out the controller cable connecting to the lower base phase.
6.Remove the protection steel plate.
7.Then remove the controller.
8.Remove the connector of the controller cable.
9. Disconnect the light connector. In this step, you need to use pliers to open the rubber cover. Unwrap the plastic packaging.
Then you can remove the controller.

New controller installation

1.Connect the main cable connector.


 2. Connect the light cable connector.



3. Connect the dual Hall sensor joint.


4. Connect the battery discharge cable joint.
5.Thread the motor connector out of the base under the seat tube.
6. Place the controller in the front of the frame.
7.Tighten the screws. The torque is to 5-8 N/m.
8.Place the cover of the main cable.
9.Connect the motor cable.

Controller installation is completed.
If you are not confident in the ability to perform all the steps successfully and safely, we recommend that you get the job done by a local certified and reputable e-bike mechanic.

Updated on 12 Dec 2023