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Paint Damage


We apologize for any paint damage that could have occurred on your e-bike. Paint damage is an infrequent issue that could potentially arise from extended transportation or rough handling during transit.


Customer Service/Technical Contact

Your first contact should always be the Troxus Authorized Dealer you purchased the bike from. If you purchased it online from Troxusmobility.com, please reach out to our customer service team as outlined below. They are here to provide you with effective after-sales solutions to address this matter.

1. Online contact: click the contact button

2. Phone number: 903-213-2786

Call our customer service hotline with your name, model, and order number.
Send an email to our designated customer service address with your name, model, and order number.
4. Online: “Contact US” at the bottom of the home page of the motor's official website
Log on to our official website and fill out the appropriate form with your name, model, and order number.

Updated on 12 Dec 2023