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Adjust the Display

The angle of the display and the display remote on your Lynx e-bike can be adjusted for a more comfortable fit. Below, we provide some simple steps for you to make adjustments.

Required tools:

  • 2.5mm Allen Wrench


Operation steps:

1. Loosen three Allen bolts.

  • Two fixed bolts on the display.


  • One bolt on the display remote.



2. Unplug the display cable.

Loosen the Allen bolts until you can rotate the display and the display remote.
Do not remove the bolts.

3. Adjust the display angle. 

The adjustment of the angle depends on your height and sitting position.
  • Adjust the display's angle to ensure you can see it while riding.
  • Optimize the screen angle to minimize glare.



4. Adjust the display remote angle. 

Adjust it to ensure a more convenient control experience during riding.

5. Tighten the fixed blots. 

Recommended torque: 3-5N/m.
After installation:
Check that the display works properly.
Check that the display remote works properly.

Updated on 27 Sep 2023